Mordecai Maccabee was in Disney World recording sound and Geraldine La Cru was in her apartment drinking tea. She sat at a table and kept her eyes on the river. A red tug-boat with a black chimney chugged upstream. Geraldine was thinking how she could leave Mordecai and Mordecai was shaking hands with a six-foot Mickey Mouse.

When he wasn’t on location, Mordecai lived in Fantasy Land which was located somewhere between Central Park West and Amsterdam. He lived there with a calendar picture of Marilyn Monroe, a legend of Beardsley nymphets, and just the face of Botticelli’s Venus. He lived there with his own wax sculptures of monster men with dice for teeth and horns in their head. A stone angel hung above the mantelpiece, and Elsie the cow, with four T.V. tube udders, stood on top of it. A concrete chicken grazed along the maroon tiles in front of the fireplace and a rubber King Kong hung by his fingers from the branch of an avocado plant. Mordecai did not live inside of Fantasy Land with Geraldine. Geraldine lived alone.