An account of the ballet in Paris since the war can only bear the simple label of chaos. But in a good sense of variety and ceaseless activity. The inexhaustible Académie Nationale de Musique et de Danse has stood firm amidst a welter of dance companies, smaller troupes and so forth, which have organized, some to dazzle briefly and disappear, perhaps to disband, perhaps to reappear under a different name. New designers have made their mark (one thinks of Antoni Clavé and Jean Malclès), new choreographers have appeared—including an interesting feminine one: Janine Charrat, who has created a striking Massacre des Amazones as well as other works for her own company. Endless successions of visiting dancers have flitted across the boards, predominantly Spanish and American, but including elements English, African, Yugoslav and Javanese. International, above all, and chaotic like all things international.