What She Knew

  People did not know what she knew, that she was not really a woman but a man, often a fat man, but more often, probably, an old man. The fact that she was an old man made it hard for her to be a young woman. It was hard for her to talk to a young man, for instance, though the young man was clearly interested in her. She had to ask herself. Why is this young man flirting with this old man?


The Dog Man

A man in our office is really a dog. He does not do well, is slow and clumsy though extremely good-natured. There is also a dog in our town who is really a man and is tormented by his inability to handle things and to express himself and thus cannot be good-natured but is sly and furtive and ashamed of himself. He is hated by everyone and kicked into the corner of the room. Of course that is only one kind of dog who is really a man: another kind of dog who is really a man is like the man who is really a dog in our office, and he does very well because he is really most comfortable as a dog.