He is in the mountains and in the streams, fields
            Call upon the Lord Ganesha and he
        will appear
        as savior of grace and belief in the seen
his grace is of love and charm; as I have seen him
                 with his dainty eyelashes curled
             as healer holding
                 salve, candy!

Now someone led me there; and someone still waits
                 that is
             I have promised myself attention to them

preserving us: Hymn to the newly found
                         The Spinal Cord; up which wanders
                     the track of energy
                in which the whole earth is spotted and moves.

                Time was moving out from under us
            Nodding and standing still ola
        in de Sun.
        Birthless, Deathless
Oh Man, what a High I was having
illuminating the world of name & form
The syllable GA represents mind and speech
What is beyond is the syllable NA and by
adoring him in the combination GANA you become
Brahman. This teaching is known as the secret
                           of VEDANTA

Ponder over it and treasure it and all success
                 will come to you
          becoming the friend of all