To look at them, you might not think the two men, having spoken briefly 
                and now moving away from each other, as different goals 
                require, have much history, if any, 
between them. That, for a time that seems longer ago now than in fact 
                                       it’s been, they used to enter each other’s bodies so often, so routinely, 
                yet without routine ever seeming the right way of putting it, 
that even they lost count—back then, 
                who counted? It’s not as if they’ve forgotten, or at least 
                the one hasn’t, looking long enough back at the other 
to admire how outwardly unchanged he seems: still muscled, even if 
                each muscle most brings to mind (why, though) 
                an oracle done hiding at last, all the mystery made
quantifiable, that it might more easily that way—like love, like the impulse
                toward love—be disassembled. The other man doesn’t look back 
                at all, or think to, more immediately distracted